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8/20/2017 Fr. Joseph Chamblain, OSM    


Back in 2014 the Archdiocese of Chicago launched a capital campaign called To Teach Who Christ Is, primarily to support Catholic education.  Parishioners were asked to make pledges to the campaign, which were to be paid off over a three-year period. A portion of the funds raised in each church was to be returned to that church to help fund its own education program or address some other need. Funds were to be held in our name in the Archdiocesan Bank and were to be dispersed according to a plan we had submitted to the Archdiocese. Over the past three years, we have given grants to Chicago Help Initiative in support of their literacy program, to Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in support of their religious education program, and to our Servite Parish of Annunciata, which has a struggling Catholic school. Half of funds, though, we designated for the preservation and improvements to our church building.

One potential project that I brought to the attention of the Finance Committee was to update and improve our sound system. Nothing has been done in this area in the eleven years that I have been at Assumption, and the system was certainly not brand new when I arrived. Upon an inspection by one of the potential vendors, we found out that several of the speakers in church were not even operational. Proposals were received and reviewed by our Finance Committee and by experts in the field, and a contract has now been awarded to Sound Planning. The new system should not only improve the quality of the sound in Church and in the Parish Hall, but will also include several new features. Those who are doing video for weddings and other events in church will be able to “plug in” to our system without the use of additional microphones. We will have a number of individual headsets that will amplify the hearing for those who are hearing impaired. There will be small HD cameras installed in the balcony that will enable us, at some future point, to broadcast the Mass to the Hall when there is an overflow crowd. The Hall will have a drop-down screen and projection system for when there is a speaker who uses power point or other computer-generated visuals. This promises to be a tremendous improvement over the Rube Goldberg projection system we have been using in the Hall up to this point. For all this we have to thank those who supported To Teach Who Christ Is.

Since construction began on the apartment tower east of the Church, people have been asking whether we can have some sort of back lighting for the stained glass windows. Well, we will have, and very soon. The John Buck Company, which purchased the property, is providing the lighting as a gift to the Servite Order and to Assumption. From what I understand, the lighting will be quite subtle, but will be powerful enough to make the images in the windows visible in the morning. Most afternoons enough natural light manages to seep in between the buildings to illuminate the windows.

Whenever I devote a column to the church building, I always feel compelled to point out that a church is not a building. The real church is people of faith who, through their words, their deeds, and their prayer, seek to build the Kingdom of God. And after the white supremacists’ demonstrations in Charlottesville this past weekend, it is obvious that the Kingdom of God needs a lot of building. Ancestors on both sides of my family fought in the Confederate Army. Some of my father’s cousins were active in the KKK. As a child I played in Forrest Park, around the statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave trader and one of the founders of the KKK. But, hey, WE lost the war. White supremacy was defeated. It is surprising after 150 years and with all the modern means of communication at our disposal that some people still have not heard.

                                                                                    Fr. Joe






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