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Fr. Joseph Chamblain, O.S.M.


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Assumption Catholic Church - Latest Message from our Pastor


5/21/2017 Fr. Joseph Chamblain, OSM    


Certain phrases appear in this bulletin on a regular basis. Some are names of groups. Some are names of events. Some are self-explanatory. Some are not. All of them have been explained at one time or another; but people come and go. Some of you who are here now may wonder when you hear an announcement or read something in the bulletin, “What does that mean?” What is “Taize Prayer”?   What is “The Servite Secular Order”? Let me explain them briefly.

The Taize Prayer movement began in France in 1940 when Brother Roger Schultz established a place of prayer in the town of Taize. With the world at war and the Body of Christ fractured into many denominations, Taize was to be a place of prayer that would be non-denominational and international. It would be a place to pray for peace on earth and for the unification of Christianity. While nothing at Taize or in the Taize movement is specifically Catholic, Taize prayer draws heavily on the Catholic monastic tradition of chanting the psalms, silence, meditative reading of the Word, and liturgical processions. After World War II, Brother Roger began welcoming other men into the community. Today the Brothers of Taize make a commitment to simplicity, celibacy, and a Christ centered communal life together. The Brothers come from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds and come from all over the world. Three times a day all work stops for prayer and meditation. In the 1960’s, Taize became a popular place of pilgrimage, especially for young adults. These pilgrims brought this style of prayer home with them, and Taize prayer took root all over the world. At Assumption, we have a Prayer Service in the spirit of Taize on the first Monday of the month. Usually about 15 or 20 people attend. It is not hard to see why Taize prayer has caught on in so many places. It offers busy people an opportunity to slow down and nourish their interior life. The meditative music gently draws us inward. Participants find themselves more at peace at the end of the hour and more peaceful in their interactions with others. Plus, there are no creeds or dogmas in Taize. In an era when a lot of people treat religion as a negative influence in society, Taize prayer is focused only on the spiritual. It is open and welcoming and inclusive. Why not come one of these First Mondays and experience it for yourself?

The Secular Order of the Servants of Mary is a group of men and women who seek to live their Christian faith in the world by following the example of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servants of Mary (the priests and brothers who have staffed Assumption since it began in 1881). From our beginnings as a religious community in Italy in the thirteenth century, there have been men and women who have been associated themselves with the life and work of the Servite Friars and Sisters. In the early days, the Secular Servites would often gather with the friars for morning prayer and then work with them as time permitted in their apostolic work. In time, these Secular Orders (or Third Orders) became primarily devotional groups; but over the last thirty years, Secular Servites have recaptured their original vocation. The Secular Order was reestablished at Assumption about fifteen years ago under the inspiration of the late Fr. Damian Charboneau, OSM. Secular Servites meet monthly for communal prayer, spiritual growth, socializing, and to organize their apostolic activities. Individually members find support and encouragement in the Secular Order Community for their own acts of service and for their effort to be faithful to Christ at home and on the job. Members are expected to take an active role in the liturgical life of the parish, practice daily personal prayer, and live the Servite charisms of service, community, and devotion to Mary. The present leader or Prioress of the Secular Servite Community at Assumpiton is Rosemary Reeves. Contact her at women_eye@yahoo.comto find out more about the Servite Secular Order.

                                                            Fr. Joe


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