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Our Parish Organizations Invite You to Get Involved 8/23/2021
Getting Involved


Jesus called his followers not only to believe but also to serve. The Church of Assumption ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of God’s children in a number of ways. In addition, members of the parish participate in various charitable and social justice organizations, some of which are described here.

Some of our key ministries: 

Lectors Assignments Learn more
Ministers of The Eucharist Assignments Learn more
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How you can help:

Download a brochure describing the ministries at assumption. It includes a checklist you can use to indicate your interests. The menu at the left will lead to more information about meny of the ministries


Who to call:

Go to the directory listing showing the parish members who lead many of the ministries. They can tell you more about what is involved and invite you to help. 





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