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Social Justice Action at Assumption 4/20/2021

A Call to Action

In addition to charity, the Catholic Church also asks us to address some of the underlying causes of poverty and other social conditions; to work to end things in our society that are simply wrong or unjust; to make our society more just and more faithful to the vision Jesus left us.

This is the work of social justice.

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Principal areas of attention:

 Respect for Human Life  Housing and homlessness
 Immigration  Mass Incarceration

Ways we can help:

  1. Prayer (either at home or as a group)
  2. Writing letters to public officials and others who influence government policies and the behaviors of social institutions
  3. Attending government and other public meetings when relevant issues are being debated
  4. Participating in organized group action.

We invite any who are interested in learning more about any of these causes, or, better yet, becoming involved, please let us know.

We all know we can’t do everything at once. The responses we get early in this project will help determine the direction of Assumption’s social justice activities.


If you want to get involved, or ask questions,
please contact the committee





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