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You can access the recorded portion using the links at the bottom of this page and on our YouTube Channel (Assumption Catholic Church Chicago).

February 25: Exiting the Tomb: Life After Covid  View the Video 

Before the stone was rolled away revealing Jesus’ resurrection, he spent three days in the tomb. The time spent in the tomb between his death and resurrection marks a period of quiet but significant transformation. During last year’s Lenten season, we all collectively entered the tomb in the form of the coronavirus pandemic. Join Pastoral Counselor Shane Tytenicz as he leads us in a reflection on how this experience has transformed us and will continue to transform us in the days ahead.

March 4: Images of Mary  View the Video

The earliest known depiction of Mary was discovered in the catacombs during the fourth century. Since then, Marian art, ranging from Old World masterpieces to stock images on holy cards, has captivated the imagination and devotion of many Catholics. In this presentation, author and artist Marcia Whitney-Schenck will look at a variety of images, both from the viewpoint of style and content, from throughout the world. Hopefully, these visual interpretations of Blessed Mary, whether simple or complex, will enrich your spiritual journey during Advent.

March 11: What Is God’s Will for Me?  View the Video 

Finding God’s will is not a treasure hunt or a search for a plan that God has already prepared for me. Rather I am invited into a cooperative partnership with God, through which I learn God’s hopes and dreams for me in the concrete circumstances of my life. Fr. John Fontana, O.S.M., an experienced retreat director, spiritual guide, and a member of the Servite Community at Assumption, will describe some time-tested ways for discerning how God is moving in my life, so that I can make better life choices.

March 18: A Gospel Response to Violence  View the Video 

Deacon LeRoy Gill, who ministers at St. Benedict the African School in Englewood, and his wife Teresa, who leads a parenting program for non-violence, will look at the root causes of violence that give the U.S. one of the highest rates of interpersonal violence of an industrialized country. They will describe how Jesus responded to violence, how he modeled for us the power of non-violence, and what we as a people of faith can do.